Original Medicare

  • Signed into law in 1965 to provide basic healthcare coverage to Americans age 65 and older
  • Over 50 million Americans are presently covered

Essentially all Americans will enroll when eligible - there aren’t many other options available to them.

Original Medicare includes:

  • Part A – hospitalization, skilled nursing and hospice care
  • Part B – doctor visits, outpatient surgery, lab tests, medical equipment, etc.

Original Medicare – Important Things to Know:

  • It is not free – monthly premiums must be paid
  • It doesn’t cover all expenses – deductibles and coinsurance apply to most services and there are no out-of-pocket expense maximums
  • It doesn’t cover prescription drug costs when obtained at a pharmacy

The following services are not covered by Original Medicare:

Routine Vision careHearing aids
Most dental careCosmetic surgery
AcupunctureRoutine foot care
Long Term (custodial nursing home) care